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Titanic Hotel wedding photography and video | Liverpool

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

~Batman & Robin~ Summer 2020 has not turned out quite how we all imagined lets face it, due to unforeseen circumstances a lot of couples unfortunately had to cancel or re-book their wedding. Do not lose hope, remember the reason you are getting married in the first place. Here is a wedding I did from earlier in the year, just to rekindle your love and excitement for your own big day, this wont last forever. Remember, love always wins. Liverpool. The city of warm welcomes, unrivalled music and big hearts. The city is loved by many for so many reasons, whether it be the stunning architecture, the rich history, the numerous bars or the epic football. Named the 'Capital of Culture' for 2008, this city stands tall with its offerings of rich heritage.

The city of Liverpool has so many famous landmarks, one of them being the Docks. This is where Hannah and Andy decided to hold their big day here at the Titanic hotel. On an exceptional waterside location, this reformed world heritage site boasts three striking buildings. The Titanic hotel is reflective of Liverpool's rich maritime heritage and is perfect backdrop for a Liverpool city wedding. One of my favourite features of this venue has to be the Titanic staircase, which is an incredible replica of the staircase found on the RMS Titanic. The hotel adjoins the lovingly restored Rum warehouse, which is the hotels primary wedding space. This 1950's renovated warehouse overlooks the Stanley dock, and has plenty of character and a certain charm.

Hannah chose to get ready in one of the superior suites of the hotel, overlooking the calming dock waters. I used this time to capture some amazing shots of her in front of the big windows. I love playing with light and shadows in my images and film. Me and Jeff made our way over the water to the lovely little St Joseph's church. This is where Hannah and Andy held their ceremony. They exchanged their vows in front of their dearly beloved and we all made our way back over to the Titanic hotel. There are key things you need to deliver a good wedding speech, don't make it too long or too short, have a card with some prompts on in case you lose your place and remember to BREATHE. I genuinely believe though, that the most important part is to deliver it from the heart. I've seen and heard so many speeches in my time (some great some, uhh not so great) but I've always loved them as they're a great opportunity to get to know the couple a little better. I've always found that the best speeches are the ones that come from a place of raw emotion. A good speech can have the guests crying sad tears one minute, and in fits of laughter the next. Hannah and Andy's speeches delivered on this front. Hannah's brothers did their dad proud as their touching homage to him had all the guests in tears one minute and laughing the next. Andy's speech was also great, a tiny bit of nerves came through and he fumbled a bit. I decided to keep this in the film on purpose as I like to keep it all as real as possible, I also like to show that everyone's human and that's what makes us so perfectly imperfect. It will also be a fantastic memory to look back on when watching through your films in the future. I think the moments where you can have a little chuckle with each other are the ones that stick with you. Oh might I add Andy made a great recovery and I thoroughly enjoyed his speech.

We went outside to get some amazing portrait shots of the couple and Andy was pulling faces keeping us all fully entertained. I got some lovely images of Hannah here. Instead of a bouquet Hannah opted for a single red rose instead. I loved the effect this had against her stunning A-line dress. I know radiant is an overused word to describe a bride but there really was no other word to describe Hannah. I love using reflections in my work and I made full use of the buildings massive windows in these images. It created some interesting effects.

They say the two things people remember the most from a wedding are the food and the entertainment. Hannah and Andy opted for one of my favourite choices of wedding entertainment, Singing waiters !!! I love singing waiters because not only do they make the meal more interesting but they also get all the guests up dancing and singing and are always a guaranteed party starter. Perfect for the transition from day to night! These guys also transformed into the band for the evening entertainment. I have to say they were some of the best singing waiters I've seen.

I love using amazing colours in my wedding photography and videography, and being right on the docks I spotted some amazing purple lights from the bridge lit up dancing on the water and knew I just had to incorporate them in my film somehow. I took Hannah and Andy outside for a moment and got some amazing visuals using these lights as a background, these are some of my favourite shots of the whole day.

I loved going around the city of Liverpool to get some footage. I captured some of the city's beautiful architecture and skyline. The love locks attached to the chains around the docks are made for some fantastic footage also. Next time your in Liverpool be sure to keep an eye out for them, or even add your own! This Northern city has so much to offer, and all the stunning buildings and artistic vibe make it a top contender to hold a city wedding. Hannah and Andy's day was full of big love, big entertainment and most of all big hearts, So thank you Hannah and Andy for letting me tell your story.

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