Liverpool wedding videographer

Here are some examples of my cinematic wedding videography. I prefer to let the action happen around me, allowing me to capture the genuine fleeting moments. Im not there to stick a camera in your face and make you feel uncomfortable, I capture the day as it unfolds naturally. Each couple has their own individual quirks which I like to incorporate into my wedding videography, be it a registrar gone rogue like Stacey and Mark's wedding, Or a groom rewording a popular rap to his new wife

Titantic hotel wedding videography

Titantic hotel wedding photographer

There were no icy feelings at Hannah & Andy's Titanic hotel wedding. Hannah posed for some of her portraits quite fittingly with a rose. It looked like she had just walked out of a bridal shoot!. Northwest wedding at it's finest.

Ruthin castle wedding Videography

Ruthin castle wedding photography

You could say that Ste & Rebecca's sole purpose in life was to just have FUN. Not sure what my favourite part of their Ruthin castle wedding was. Ste's parody speech of the 'Fresh prince of Bel Air' or Rebecca impersonating the resident peacocks during their portraits.

Santorini wedding photographer

Santorini wedding videographer

A helicopter ride isn't a bad gift for a groom to receive on his *ahem* 50th birthday. Frances & Paul's Santorini wedding at the Thermes luxury villas had one of the most epic 'trash the dress' I've ever had the pleasure to capture. He threw his new wife into the pool. don't believe me? Check out their highlights.

The Mill barns wedding photographer

The Mill barns wedding videography

Stacey and Mark's Mill barns wedding was beautiful. This purpose built venue had the perfect mix of organic and modern. the design gave the illusion that the whole building was floating on water.

Santorini wedding photography

Santorini wedding videography

Katie and Gary's Santorini Gem wedding was a Greek wedding at it's finest. They also had one of my favourite entertainments of the year! It was absolutely "smashing". I had way too much fun dancing the Zorba. "OPAAAAA"

Cyprus wedding videography

Cyprus wedding photographer

Emily & Cody's Grecian sands wedding in Cyprus has us all in fits of laughter! Boho beach wedding galore, all the guests were treated to an open top wedding bus tour around the island, which was made much more interesting with the free drinks on board.

Knowsley hall wedding photographer

Knowsley hall wedding videographer

Lauren & Kerron's Knowsley hall wedding exuded luxury and class. It took 15 years for them to tie the knot, and they will have their amazing wedding film to look back on in 15 years time.

Santorini wedding photographer

Luxury villas and sunset cruises. Gemma & Joseph pulled out all the stops with their stunning Santorini wedding at the Santo wineries. Even if we did nearly have a very important passenger go over board. I personally blame the free wine that was offered.