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Santorini Gem wedding video - Katie & Gary

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

~Get him to the Greek~ Santorini. One of the most popular places in the world for a destination wedding. It is easy to see why, some of the most stunning views of the Aegean sea, white buildings topped with the famous blue domes, white cliffs, truly iconic and perfect for romance. We started our day at the Aegean plaza hotel, where Katie was getting prepared for her big day with her family and friends. The Aegean plaza was stunning, following the unique Cycladic architecture. All white and blue just like the island itself. Katie and her bridal party were getting ready for the big day and the atmosphere was relaxed. I met Ben Rigas who was the photographer for Katie and Gary's wedding. Me and Ben hit it off right away and I could tell we were all in for a fantastic day. Katie looked like she had just walked out of a bridal magazine as she posed on a white staircase for Ben to get some shots and for me to get some footage. The complete white effect was ultra glamorous and Katie's beaming smile never left her face.

Katie and Gary stealing a quick moment after the ceremony at the Santorini Gem.

There are plenty of stunning cliff tops to get married on in Santorini, but Katie and Gary chose the beautiful Santorini Gem for their wedding ceremony. The Santorini Gem stands proudly as one of the worlds "top wedding venues" and is perched a top a cliff over looking the majestic caldera. The timeless serenity of the Santorini Gem offers the perfect space for the celebration off marriage and oozes luxury. This beautiful corner of the world sat Katie and Gary's family and friends and they exchanged their vows under the Santorini sun. The ceremony was made ultra personal by Katie's niece, who indulged us with her version of "Wings" by Birdy. It was touching moment for everyone. After the ceremony the wedding party moved on the Pyrgos restaurant, which is located a few minutes from the Santorini Gem. With it's panoramic views Pyrgos restaurant is well established as one of the "best restaurants on the island". From it's banquet hall it offers amazing views and is a great spot to catch the famous Santorini sunset. Katie and Gary knocked it out of the park when picking their entertainment. They chose to have Greek dancers, who were absolutely amazing and had not only Katie and Gary up dancing the Zorba, but the entire wedding party. The grand finale was the Greek plate smashing. This was my personal highlight of the day. It was so entertaining filming a room full of people old and young and all equally excited to smash up dozens of plates. This made for some epic footage and I couldn't help feeling a little bit sorry for the poor souls who had to clean it up. We went outside to the patio to catch Santorini's famous sunset and for Katie and Gary to have their first dance. This dance was stunning, held in front of firework fountains with a glorious sunset as a backdrop. This is one of my favourite shots that I captured. Katie looked radiant and all the guests had a great time playing around with the sparklers. Ben Rigas was an absolute pleasure to work with. He may be well established on the island but is truly a humble and kind hearted man who extended to me the famous Greek hospitality. It was an incredible experience shooting Katie and Gary's wedding their day was as serene and timeless as the island itself. Santorini really is one of my favourite places to film and I can't begin to begin to tell you how much fun it is to have the opportunity to shoot at these beautiful places. The other vendors working the wedding were so helpful, and I look forward to having the chance to work with them again for my future Santorini weddings. GET HIM BACK TO THE GREEK!!!

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