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Capturing the Romance: Santorini Wedding Videography to Remember

~The jewel in the crown~

Meeting new people is one of the main reasons I love my job. I get to meet people from all walks of life. Sometimes you meet a couple you just know you are destined to be friends with.

I first met Gemma, Joseph and little Sienna at the Old Port in Fira, where the wedding party enjoyed a sunset cruise the night before the big day. I have to say I was nervous about the first impression I was going to make, as I had just walked down to the Old Port in the blazing heat of the Santorini sun. I had made the decision (not my finest) to wear suit pants and a shirt. I was also carrying a fair amount of kit as well!. A bit of a hot dishevelled and ruddy faced man was what they were greeted with when they first met me. But all nerves disappeared and we were laughing and joking within minutes and I could tell they were happy with choice they made for their Santorini wedding videography.

I thought I would take the opportunity to get some stunning footage of the famous Santorini sunset from the boat. It was also a great opportunity to introduce myself to the wedding party. Everyone was so relaxed and easy going it instantly felt like I was around friends. We took a trip around the island, you can really appreciate the beauty of the place. The boys had the stag party the night before and I really can't think of anything worse than being on a boat with a hangover, I take my hat off to them. Even though a few of them looked a little bit green, it's difficult to be in low spirits when your sailing around the Aegean Sea. I got some stunning shots of Gemma and Joseph embracing with the Santorini sunset behind them. The most memorable part of the trip was when everyone was disembarking, and Gemma's poor mum nearly fell into the sea...*giggle under breath* luckily the quick thinking crew were on hand to catch her. And even though a little shaken up we all laughed it off.

Gemma chose to get ready for her big day in the luxury retreat Eolia Kamari Villa. The secluded place is just the epitome of Santorini. White walls, gorgeous interior and a blue gem of a pool in the courtyard, just absolutely perfect for Santorini wedding videography. I got some fabulous shots of Gemma getting her hair and make up done by the one and only Popi Margariti. Popi is the make up artist of choice for the majority of brides that come to get wed on the island. It's easy to see why, once Popi was finished Gemma and her bridal party looked absolutely flawless.

Joe got ready at the Aegean plaza hotel. A beautiful place, not far from the Santo winery, where Gemma and Joseph chose to have their ceremony. The Santo winery is "one of the dreamiest wedding venues in Santorini". Their are no words that can describe the amount of pleasure it gives me to shoot in a location like this. It boasts a breathtaking view of the famous Caldera, the volcano and the traditional villages of Fira and Oia. This full white terrace has a beautiful modern touch and "the biggest gazebo on the island". The Santorini sun was getting lower in the sky and Gemma and Joseph exchanged their vows, this late afternoon ceremony was perfect.

A little upwards of Agios Nikolaos church, you will find the heart of Santorini, a unique rock formation caused by the eroded sand that shaped over the years like a heart. We held a little portrait session here. I got some amazing footage of Gemma and Joseph on the cliff edge, with the stunning Caldera as a back drop.

We then made our way to Pyrgos restaurant for the reception. Pyrgos resturant is an amazing venue, this multi-levelled building has huge windows and stands as an "observatory" of the whole island. It also has the perfect view of the enchanting Santorini sunset, just stunning for Santorini wedding videography. I have to give a special mention to Gemma's long time best friend John, who was her man of honour for the big day. John's past in the radio business came in handy as he acted as MC for the reception. He was witty and hilarious, it's been a while since I've heard such fantastic introductions for the wedding party. He should seriously take up MCing for weddings as he had the whole room in stitches. The speeches were wholesome yet funny, John paid homage to his and Gemma's past. Gemma's dad delivered his speech beautifully despite the expected nerves and Joseph's best man came up with a clever game to make sure he covered ALL of Josephs's most cringe worthy moments, which had him squirming in his seat. The partying began with the popular Kostantinos Mavis as the DJ. Guests enjoyed the celebrations and Gemma and Joseph had their first dance

as the fireworks lit up the sky.

It was a brilliantly executed Santorini wedding. Every part was planned meticulously. What stood out for me the most was just how much everyone was constantly laughing. Gemma and Joseph's wedding was filled with good food and good company. I honestly wish all the happiness in the world to Gemma, Joseph and "the jewel in the crown" Sienna.

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